Monday, August 15, 2011

Statistics is nearing its end.

I have got hand it to myself. I know how to procrastinate.

I'm almost done with my statistics homework. And then I think I'll sleep. Then I'll wake up before I reach the healthy length of sleep. Then I'll take a statistics test online. Then I'll study for my statistics final. Then I'll take my statistics final and I'm praying I pass it. Then I will be done with the summer quarter, and I will sleep.

Then, next Thursday, fall semester starts.

So in between then and tomorrow night, I am going to enjoy what little break I have. Unless I'm working, but I like work. I make money and get to buy things, like chocolate covered strawberries. Nommy, nom, noms.

Today at work, I was assigned to take out the trash. There were so many bags and boxes, that I had to make 4 trips. I walked down this long, eerie, cement hallway before I made it outside, and then walked across the parking lot to the dumpster. This sounds unpleasant, but I rather enjoyed it. I relished not having to listen to the club music that is constantly blasting in the store (and that is now always in my head, and the soundtrack to my dreams), and sang this song.

Back to homework.

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