Monday, May 7, 2012

Frisbee, Football, and Soccer

The party yesterday was a lot of fun. Jon went with me, and he enjoyed the free salsa and chips. I enjoyed the free strawberry shortcake, a little break from my cutback on sugar. The party was an engagement party for two of my close friends, Matt and Michaela. They are so cute! It's fun to see them together after a long, tortured time of not telling each other how they really felt. AT LAST, HAPPINESS!

The location of the party was at a park. Jon had brought his frisbee, and two other friends had brought a football and a soccer ball. These three items birthed a game that had no name or rules, except to keep all three items moving at all times. I was hit a few times, which is no surprise to me. I seem to be more likely to get hit in the head with a frisbee than to actually catch it. Then there was the football and soccer ball. Now, I haven't played soccer since before middle school, but I would kick it when I could (but, I mostly just chased it down a hill). The football was another story. After several times of just watching it hit the ground in front of me, I asked a friend how to throw it. He showed me, but I still couldn't catch it. I hurt my fingers the first time I actually tried, and after that I was just faking the trying. "My bad."

Jon said that it was the most fun he had in a while. I didn't point out the fact that he had almost had his head taken off a couple times by flying objects. He was the tallest person on the field, so an easy target, although, I don't think anyone wanted to actually hit him. I threatened all of them with my wrath the second time Jon narrowly avoided the bright light.

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