Saturday, May 5, 2012

Wooden House Dream

So, I wanna live in a wooden house

Where making more friends would be easy

I wanna live where the sun comes out

I have always loved these lines from Coldplay's song "We Never Change". I pictured this wooden house being out in the mountains somewhere, and friends I have and friends I make would come visit me often. We would grow closer than we are now. Life in a wooden house would make life seem fuller, because of these friendships.

Well, the last scene of the dream I had a few nights ago had me living in a wooden house. The house was located in a forest, was two stories, and had a front porch with stairs that led down to the forest floor. I remember it was fall, because the trees were mostly bare, there were piles of leaves that had yet to settle into the forest floor, and I was wearing a sweater. I had recently bought the house, lived only on the second floor, and was all settled. I remember my front door was open, and I was looking down into the forest. 

I suddenly turned away from the door and started pacing the room. I said, "Wait. Why have none of my friends come to see me? I bought a wooden house, and they STILL won't come."

I then realized that if they didn't come before, they wouldn't come now, just because I lived in a wooden house.

I looked outside again, and saw that a terrier was foraging on the ground. I figured he was lost, and started to call him up. I turned to get a dish of water when I saw movement on the stairs. When I turned back around, though, a big black dog bounded into the room. He acted aggressive, but never bit me. The dream ended there.

My bff's do visit me, just so no one misinterprets why I posted this. I have spent a lot of time reflecting on this dream, and it made me think about how we often think that things would be different if we moved somewhere else, had more money, had more resources, or had a different job. Would we be happier? No, because if you aren't happy now, then you clearly are not using what you have to it's fullest. It is up to us to have good priorities now. We should not wait to create good habits when things get better. Things get better because we have good priorities and habits. So start with changing your lifestyle, and go from there. 

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