Tuesday, May 8, 2012

The Rocket Summer and Switchfoot Concert!

I got back from the Switchfoot and The Rocket Summer concert in Athens a couple hours ago. Oh, yes.

Not being able to sleep, I ditched Megan upstairs (I don't feel too guilty, since she's asleep) to come tell you all about it! Oh, yes. So, with a shot of Jon's Pineapple soda, and my new The Rocket Summer songs making my ears happy, I'm ready to write.

Megan and I fangirled all during getting ready. Switchfoot is Megan's favorite band, and probably my third. I was excited to see The Rocket Summer, too. Bryce Avary has a way of always making his songs joyful and fun, but I didn't have an idea of the extent of his talent until his set. More on that later....

Since Jon is out of town, he gave me control over who got his ticket. I decided that Mom needed a night out, and I'd been missing her, so she went with us and joined the fangirling.

After finding a parking spot on a crowded parking deck, we made our way to the back of the line waiting to get in. 

Once inside, we sprung on a spot behind the soundboard. No tall people in front of us, and a great view of the show!

The Rocket Summer opened! Bryce Avary's creativity and bravery was inspiring. After playing a couple songs, he played a song by himself, jumping from instrument to instrument, layering melodies with the audience clapping along. It was amazing!
He can also sing live like you won't believe. I couldn't believe the notes he was hitting with such ease! Jon Foreman can't quite do that...no offense. His is more of a Bob Dylan appeal in my opinion. 
I only took one picture during the beginning of his set. It came up so bad that I decided to just enjoy the music.

While the stage hands were getting ready for Switchfoot, it was time for more fangirling.


I am always in awe of how Jon Foreman can inspire the crowd so easily. It's like he speaks into each person individually, letting them know that they can do whatever it is they have to do. At least, that's what I get out of it each time.

He ofcourse had to climb around the venue like a monkey. He gave a little speech about how he lives for awkward moments. He then proceeded to say something really awkward about the men in the crowd growing mustaches like Chad, and the women hopefully not growing any mustaches at all. The crowd cheered enthusiastically and he said, "You're all cheering for awkwardness! I love it!"

When Switchfoot's set was definitely over, and our fangirling had subsided a little, I hit up the merch table. Bryce Avary was standing beside his merch table, and I requested a shirt and album from the girl working. She asked which album, and I saw that Bryce Avary was listening to me making my purchase. I asked him which album, but I guess I put him on the spot. He ultimately decided on his latest one. I told him that he had a great creative anointing, and that Mom had even started hearing words and music in her head when he came on stage. His anointing just flowed out onto the crowd. He said that a lot of people were saying things like that to him tonight, and seemed excited. He signed my shirt and wrote my name on it. "Jenny!"
I forgot to get a picture with him (I always forget!), and he is coming back to Georgia while I'm at a music festival this summer, but I'll remember when he comes back to Athens. He told me that he really wants to come back.

So an awesome night to remember! I'm for sure keeping track of The Rocket Summer's future tours, and hopefully I see Switchfoot again soon! :-D

(The Rocket Summer is still tingling my eardrums. Oh my gosh. GET SOME! He has a free acoustic album on his website if you're broke as a joke. Just click DOWNLOAD. http://www.therocketsummer.com/ )

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