Thursday, September 8, 2011

Hello 22!

When I was 21 I...
graduated with my Associate's Degree.
learned that sugar has a negative affect on me, came off of it, and stopped feeling depressed.
lost 30 pounds and discovered my love for running.
learned a stronger appreciation for Family.
changed my career pursuit to becoming a dietitian.
decided to stop trying to "be good" and just accept grace.
lost, made, regained, and strengthened friendships.
realized how bold, secure, and fearless God has made me to be.

And now to me during my year of being 22...
let's make friendships stronger.
let's go on more walks and runs outside.
let's read poetry everyday.
let's grow to love God's Love Letter even more.
let's be a queen.
let's be a heroine.
let's spend more time with Family.
let's not expect anyone to make fun for you, travel for you, or love for you.
let's fly everywhere, everyday.
let's meditate more.
let's absorb more information about the spiritual and physical world around you.
let's never ever EVER try to "be good" ever EVER again.
let's learn not to hide under a bushel.
let's travel.
let's have peace.

let's bring it. I was born to make this year Long.

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