Monday, September 19, 2011

Under my skin

The completely wrong people get under my skin.

People who like me and love me, these are the ones who I should let slide under my skin, but no. I instead dread and whine and complain about all the insecure losers in my life. Geez. Why can't I value everyone else instead? I give all the boring people too much of a foothold in my life. I've got lots of friends who I open up my heart to, and they to me, but I don't find myself talking about them much.

This has got to stop. I have got to clean out my skin and get the useless episodes of the day out and dwell instead on the lovely episodes of the day...

The end.

(And no, I did not sleep a wink. I don't want to scream anymore though. I went to the gym. :P

This happens about once a month it seems. I can't sleep, usually for no obvious reason, and end up being as productive as possible until I collapse. This can't be healthy, but it happens to me anyway.)

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