Friday, September 9, 2011

Life is hard to ignore.

Ran with Jon at the park after work. I'm so happy we left indoors to be outside in the lovely weather.

One of our cleaning ladies thinks that I lose too much hair. It is all over my room (and my bathroom). She's right about the latter. It is always everywhere lately. I had actually thought that my hair felt thinner, but I'm still not sure. Mom said I can go ahead and get a physical though, since it's been a while.

I know that I am losing more hair than I should be for sure. Mom and I think it is due to stress. I'm pretty exhausted, even with the sleep. My sleep schedule still isn't disciplined though. I sleep for an adequate number of hours, but I still stay up late some nights. Maybe that could cause stress?

Let's just write out factors of stress in my life.
Poor sleep habits
Stressful working environment
Biology tests
Trying to find time to have a healthy lifestyle

...I'm going to bed.

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