Saturday, September 24, 2011


I was chatting with my friend, Laura, for a few hours the other night (we had a lot of catching up to do). One of the things we talked about was how God had been teaching her about perspective. Here are her words.

  • "Ok. I've thought about this a lot for a while.

  • If you break it down

  • it's all the little choices. Your overall perspective and way of life is contained in the minute decisions. Whether you do the extra math problem, getting the dishes done so someone else doesn't have to, helping out when asked even if it'd be more convenient not to. How everything affects you, and especially the people around you, on a heart level. How every time that you chose to step up, you're moving forward as a person and getting closer to what God has for your life.

    • When you go to work.

    • You can have a negative or positive perspective.

    • When you sit on your bed, thinking about life, you can have a negative or positive perspective.

    • You can line it up with what God has for you and for others, you can look to what you can learn and grow from and experience. Love and pain are often equal teachers.

    • Every time that you chose to learn instead of stuffing it, it makes such a freaking difference. Love. Love. Love. Bring it all back to love.

    • There's a meaning behind everything. Find it. Apply it.

    • Focus on the goal. Something might SUCK. But if you can look at where you're going, you can build back up and get there.

    • God has plans that go far beyond our imaginations. He's setting things up every day. Ya gotta have faith for that and keep moving forward and living."

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